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Причина: обновлено до версии Pigments v2.0.1.837 CE WIN / Mac (Team V.R / iND)
1-04-2020, 11:16

Arturia Pigments v2.0.1.837 CE WIN / Mac (Team V.R / iND) - гибридный синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты От A до D

Arturia Pigments v2.0.0 (Team R2R) - гибридный синтезатор

Arturia Pigments v2 - очень мощный волновой и виртуальный аналоговый программный синтезатор, 20 лет в разработке. Это Pigments, и он навсегда изменят способ создания музыки.

What's new?:
Pigments 2 comes with a completely new Sample Engine. It provides hundred of interesting sounds, six sample slots to work with, six different playback modes, looping and deep editing capabilities.
Sample Engine has a built in Granular Synthesis mode. This allows for a very deep sampling manipulation by playing around with individual grains. There are many controls to shape the sound such as Density, Envelope, Size and many randomization parameters as well. All of those are possible to modulate within the Mod Matrix, providing the user with another great sound design tool.
The sequencer has a revamped Random mode. It does not permanently overwrite the sequence anymore, instead it adds deviation to the programmed value. Therefore it is possible to go back to a non-random sequence. With a 100% random value, the sequence is completely random, as expected.
Pigments 2 introduces a new LowPass Gate filter mode. It can behave as a VCA, a Filter or both at the same time. The gate can be modulated by the Engine modulators for AM or FM effects. The sound produced is similar to the Buchla Easel Low Pass Gate.
A new Tape Echo effect that is based on the Delay Tape-201 effect from Arturia. Comes with Saturation, delay times untill 1000ms, various sync types: such as Time, Binary Dotted, Triples and Stereo Width as well.
New design, MPE capability, Undo/Redo, Unison update, enhanced Modulation Bar, updated Remap module, new presets.

Win64; AAX, VST3, VST, SAL / MAC

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