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  • Дата: 12-08-2020, 17:08
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Причина: обновлено до версии SampleX v1.1.0 Regged WIN OSX (Team RET)
12-08-2020, 17:08

BeatSkillz SampleX v1.1.0 Regged WIN OSX (Team RET) - эмуляция винтажного сэмплера

Категория: VST инструменты От A до D

BeatSkillz SampleX v1.0.0 Regged WIN OSX (Team RET) - эмуляция винтажного сэмплера

BeatSkillz SampleX предоставляет вам точно смоделированную винтажную эмуляцию семплера. Введите частоту дискретизации, битрейт, псевдонимы, настройки привода и фильтра, чтобы они звучали как любой сэмплер, или создайте свой собственный! Несколько пресетов эмуляции сэмплера уже включены.

В сегодняшнем продвинутом веке музыкальных инструментов, которые ищут «самые чистые», самые «совершенные» звуки, внезапно возникло желание «песчаных» звуков машин прошлого.

Once such quest has been the acquisition of old, primitive samplers and sample drum machines like the EMU SP1200, AKAI s900/950, and others. This has increased the rate of these machines to 10s of thousands of dollars.

The sound that producers and artists seek in these boxes is usually the low bit rates and sample rates resulting in an “aliased” sound or “artifacts” as we now call them. These limitations of the vintage machines have now become very desired and sought after sound. Just sample rate reduction and “Bit crushers” have yet to actually sound like old machines.

Our team at Beatskillz went on a quest to study the actual circuitry and found each and every step right from the A/D converters, preamps, analog and digital filters and processes involved to recreate each stage and bring you a plugin that can not only emulate a sampler but many, and also lets you design your own sampler or vintage chip!

The Sample Rate Interpolation system that we have built in DSP, lets you dial in any sample rate from 96 kHz to 2 kHz. You can also ” type ” in the values!

We have also done a very accurate emulation of a well-known Ladder Filter with Resonance, this gets you the “Warm” Filter sound of a very desired analog synth. We have also carefully emulated the input drive of the S900 to give you all the parameters needed for multiple variations of the sound!

v1.1 - 06 June 2020
1. Now the knobs will rotate with a linear action
2. Fixed dry/wet issue.

Сайт разработчика: BeatSkillz
Размер: WiN: 24.2MB | OSX: 87.5MB

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