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Roland SYSTEM-8 v1.3.3 (Team R2R) - виртуальный синтезатор

Категория: VST инструменты от N до Z

Roland VS SYSTEM-8 v1.0.0 (Team R2R) - виртуальный синтезатор

Roland SYSTEM-8 представляет собой виртуальную аналоговую электростанцию. Звуковые волны выкачиваются из самого мощного музыкального синтезатора, когда-либо созданного Roland. Три осциллятора на голос, невероятная многомодовая фильтрация, множество возможностей модуляции и качественные эффекты DSP от Roland создают звуковую палитру почти безграничного потенциала, поэтому легендарные артисты во всем мире уже сделали часть своих арсеналов Roland SYSTEM-8, The Roland SYSTEM-8 софт синтезатор приносит мощный звук этой невероятной Next Legend для компьютерных музыкантов и продюсеров во всем мире как часть членства Roland Cloud!

Cutting-edge keyboard synthesizer powered by Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) modeling
Retro-analog and dynamic modern sounds sweetened by powerful DSP effects
Silky smooth multimode filters and extensive modulation possibilities
Serves as a computer-based editor for Roland SYSTEM-8 hardware synthesizer
VST and AU compatible

Classically-inspired, Future-focused

While the appearance and basic creative flow of the Roland SYSTEM-8 Software Synthesizer will be very familiar to analog synth fans, this plug-in's sonic potential is by no means locked in the past! An impressive 3 Oscillators per Voice can generate the full tonal range between analog sweet and digital grit, while the SYSTEM-8's incredibly-powerful multimode Filter section is rich with personality (actually, multiple personalities!). DSP Effects are an integral part of the modern synthesist's workflow, and the Roland SYSTEM-8's Multi Effects, Chorus/Delay, Reverb, and Vocoder will not disappoint!

Ultimate Programming & Performance Control

For synthezizer power-users, combining the Roland SYSTEM-8 Software Synthesizer with its SYSTEM-8 hardware brother is an unbeatable pairing! Sound designers will love being able to play and shape their sounds with a great-feeling velocity-sensitive keyboard and dedicated physical controls for very major function, and the SYSTEM-8 hardware also serves as a high quality USB audio/MIDI interface. Live performers will appreciate being able to transfer their Patches to hardware and take the stage computer-free!

Developer changed the protection. Every plugin uses sockect communication to
transfer the data between RolandCloudManager (local web server) via SSL/TSL.
Size of plugins are increaed by 5MB - 10MB.

Because we think doing SSL/TSL server emulation can be big overhead, releases
are now pre-cracked instead of working with emulators.

Roland Cloud plugins are bad coded and not tested well by the developer. We
found many issues during the test (especially VST3 version). If you have
problem with plugins, try other formats (VST2/VST3) or uninstall it :)

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